I’m reading through some daily devotionals from Newel Hillis in his book called “Facts of the Matter”. Here’s his devotion for the 19th of February:

February 19: To Be Human Is To Be Wounded21

•           By parents

•           By the leaders of the team who picked you last

•           By ungrateful children

•           By the cutting remarks of your spouse

•           By colleagues who are clawing their way up the ladder

The Lord Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me:

To bind up the broken-hearted

•           … To grant consolation and joy to those who mourn

•           An ornament of beauty instead of ashes:

•           The oil of joy instead of mourning:

•           The garment of praiseinstead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit …” (Isaiah 61:1–3—NAS)

TO BE HUMAN IS TO BE WOUNDED” … That is true—but,

Whatever your wound …

Whatever your disappointment …

Whatever your fear …

The Great Physician, who himself was deeply wounded, now waits to bring you healing …

If you will let him.[1]


            Tony Hodge-Williams

21 Rebecca Pippert, Hope Has Its Reasons

[1] Newell Dwight Hillis, Facts of the Matter: Daily Devotionals (WORDsearch, 2000).